Michael Slaby
Head of Mission, Timshel
  • Michael and other members of President Obama’s tech team scored at the Webby Awards in 2013, winning Breakout of the Year for the Obama for America 2012 campaign
  • Crain's “Chicago 40 Under 40” list (2011)
  • John F. Kennedy Jr. Award for Supporting Youth in Politics (2009)
CTO on a mission
Where some see technology as a means of making things easier, smaller and quicker, Michael Slaby sees it in terms of its power to tackle the world's most obstinate challenges. Michael – a technology and strategy leader with experience in political campaigns, government and nonprofits, as well as venture capital and large agencies – is currently Head of Mission at Timshel (Hebrew for “you may”). Timshel, and its platform The Groundwork, is all about empowering communities to seek and create change. Think organizational tool plus fundraising tool plus data gathering tool and you’re halfway home. Given that Michael was a big part of President Obama’s political-technological team in 2008 and 2012 – as campaign CTO he helped popularize the idea that digital media is as applicable to campaigns as it is to everyday life – it seems like the message has met its media.
“Our focus on trying to help scale and provide infrastructure for human progress or social enterprise in some ways just got more important.”
Michael Slaby