Paul Allard
Co-Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer, impak Finance
  • Implemented ISO quality standard in the media industry with Geneva-based Media & Society Foundation
  • Entrepreneurship seminar leader at Université du Québec à Montréal
Community investor
Paul Allard's bottom line is a socioeconomic hat-trick: people, planet and profit. A serial tech entrepreneur and international team leader in finance, M&A, sales and marketing, Paul believes capital can be a force for good – his businesses are proof of it. He's acquired and integrated 12 companies and brought four public, including as founder and CEO of ZAQ Interactive Solutions Inc., capital pool company Triangle Growth Capital 1 and data-based communications company Engagement Labs Inc., creator of the eValue™ global benchmark for social scoring. His most recent venture is socially responsible impak Finance, a fintech endeavour that plans to launch a new digital, collaborative Canadian bank 100% dedicated to the impact economy. With equity raised through a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign (each contributor becomes a shareholder), at its core, the impak Finance project proposes to radically change the way people experience their relationship with money by proposing a unique place where investors, companies and individuals exchange with each other with the understanding that the purpose of each dollar is to do good. Paul believes that money matters, but where it’s used matters most of all.
“We need to restore more sense and responsibility to the financial system.”
Paul on BetaKit