Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate & Founder, Grameen Bank
  • Awarded the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal for his efforts combatting global poverty (2010)
  • Received the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom for same (2009)
  • Ranked #2 in Foreign Policy magazine’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers” list (2008)
  • The professor and the Grameen Bank jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (2006)
Anti-poverty crusader
Prof. Muhammad Yunus makes the idea that ultimately earned him the Nobel Peace Prize sound deceptively simple. To create the Grameen Bank – the world’s first bank for the poor – the social entrepreneur, banker and economist says he just looked at how conventional banks work and did the opposite. Instead of basing loans on one’s collateral, the Grameen Bank prioritizes those with nothing. Muhammad’s revolutionary micro-credit idea has now helped millions of Grameen Bank clients lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The bank’s default rate? Less than 1% – a rate that conventional banks dream about. Not one to rest on his laurels, Yunus has been busy working on a new business model (non-loss, non-dividend companies dedicated to addressing social problems) as well as expanding the Grameen concept to developed countries via Grameen Creative Lab, which has begun establishing branches at universities around the world and organizing the annual Global Social Business Summit.
“There are two kinds of businesses in the world. One is a business which makes money, and the other solves the problems of the world.”
Muhammad in The Guardian