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Ray Davis

President and CEO, Umpqua Holdings Corporation

Presented by : LAURENTIAN BANK

Umpqua is the banking world’s answer to boutique hotels. Like their hotel cousins, the Oregon-based Umpqua brings groovy design, tech savviness and drinkable complementary coffee to banks. Ray Davis, President and CEO of Umpqua Holdings Corporation, is the brains behind Umpqua’s reinvention and rebranding as a bank “store” rather than a traditional bank. Given the fact much banking is going mobile, the reinvention of brick and mortar banks is a matter of survival, he says. As a result, Umpqua is much more than just a place to deposit your paycheque, hosting yoga classes and book readings. Davis calls Umpqua “The World’s Greatest Bank” and we like his chutzpa.