Stephanie van der Wiel

The globe-trotting photographer

Stephanie van der Wiel’s thirst for adventure was well established by the time she was a child, travelling all around the world with her father, a pilot. Later, as an adult who’d been to law school and was working within the comparative confines of civil law, the desire to explore the world was still strong within her, as was another of her passions: photography. Despite having no formal photographic training, Stephanie left the legal realm and pursued her dream, which led her into the orbit of another world-travelling photographer, and fellow C2 Montréal 2018 speaker, Jimmy Nelson. Internationally renowned for photographic work that sheds light on indigenous cultures, Jimmy brought Stephanie onto his team where she works on global production, (360) filming, photography and writing. India, Kazakhstan, China, the Cook Islands, Australia and Chad are among the countries on their visit list, while a recent expedition to war-torn South Sudan saw them photographing the culture and customs of the remote Mundari. Stephanie describes working with Jimmy as “the ultimate combination of discovering the world, indulging in unique cultures and [creating] true art… that will inspire future generations.”
“[Life] is about daring. Dare to admit that you do not fit somewhere.”
Stephanie to Get Up! Magazine