Stewart Bain

Stewart Bain v2
Co-Founder and CEO, NorthStar Earth & Space Inc.

Stewart Bain is an innovator, entrepreneur, aerospace engineer, international business expert and the driving force in the development of NorthStar, the world’s first comprehensive Earth & Space information services platform. Stewart was part of the original engineering design team for RadarSat 1 and 2, and created the optical systems centre of excellence at CAL Corporation, which commercially developed breakthrough star tracker systems for spacecraft attitude control and optical intersatellite link technologies. 

Stewart holds masters degrees in engineering and business administration. He is a trained classical actor who founded the Ottawa Shakespeare Festival. And most importantly, he is the father of six children. Stewart's energies are devoted to realizing NorthStar as an enterprise to help create a more sustainable world, for his own children, for their generation and for generations to follow.