Tim Kring
Screenwriter and Television Producer
  • Nominated for an International Digital Emmy Award (Conspiracy for Good, 2011)
  • Pioneer Prize at the International Digital Emmy Awards (2010)
  • Best International TV Award, British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Heroes, 2008)
  • Primetime Emmy for Interactive Television (Heroes Evolution, 2008)
  • Nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series (Heroes, 2007, and Chicago Hope, 1997)
Alternate reality raconteur
C2 Theme:
Just as there’s no one path to success, Tim Kring was among the first in television to understand that there’s also no one way to tell a story. And the creator of the popular Heroes franchise has an International Digital Emmy Awards’ Pioneer Prize, in recognition of industry-leading creativity in multiscreen storytelling, to prove it. Writer and producer of acclaimed shows like Crossing Jordan and Chicago Hope, Kring is a passionate promoter and propagator of narrative interconnectivity. His multiplatform projects are supported by both online and offline experiences, social media, gamification etc. that help viewers interact with the story. He’s also the architect of Conspiracy for Good, an unprecedented alternate reality game that allowed the audience to become part of a story that created positive real-world change (CFG, for example, built and stocked five school libraries in Zambia).
“I think this whole idea of having [multiplatform] access to the audience is exploding, and is so important and so exciting for a storyteller like me.”
Tim at TEDxHollywood