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Speaker Tom Klein

Tom Klein

Chief Marketing Officer, MailChimp

MailShrimp, SnailPrimp, JailBlimp… Many will recall Mailchimp’s attention-grabbing, award-winning “Did you mean Mailchimp?” campaign, in partnership with Droga5, centred around playful mispronunciations of the company’s name. The major campaign was spearheaded by CMO Tom Klein, an authority on brand building, storytelling, digital marketing and e-commerce. Tom has more than 21 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading brands, including Yahoo!, Office Depot, Tory Burch, Kraft, Chanel, Heineken, Ocean Spray and Merrill Lynch, among others. At MailChimp, he has helped turn a B2B company into an incomparable marketing platform that empowers small businesses with innovative products and tools.

Tom’s ability to tell human stories that resonate, in ways that help differentiate, is the foundation of his brand-building vision. It’s that human, customer-centric touch that’s built MailChimp into a marketing smart bomb, an intelligent, user-friendly service that allows SMBs and household names alike to market more efficiently and effectively. Indeed, Tom has helped create a distinctive business model by focusing MailChimp’s growth strategy towards finding and serving even more small businesses, as opposed to simply using them as a stepping stone to big players with big budgets. It’s the kind of brazen, against-the-grain thinking that screams… MaleCrimp.