Wardah Malik

Wardah Malik is the CEO of BEworks, the first management consulting firm dedicated to using behavioural science to solve the world’s most pressing business and policy challenges. For over a decade, she has been committed to helping leaders develop innovative solutions in health, wealth, sustainability and organizational behaviour using insights and applications grounded in the science of human behaviour.

Wardah joined BEworks as one of the founding members in 2012 and has since guided its global application of behavioural economics in the financial services, energy, retail and government sectors. Most recently, as the chief marketing officer, she focused on positioning the firm as an essential asset in shaping the future of the industries it serves.

Prior to joining BEworks, Wardah worked for LoyaltyOne (Air Miles), where she specialized in consumer research to inform corporate decisions. Following LoyaltyOne, she worked in the lab of Professor Nina Mazar, an original partner of BEworks. Wardah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from the University of Toronto, where she specialized, with honours, in cognitive neuroscience.