Inside the minds of leading AI specialists: new AI Forum programming presented by Element AI

Learning to see ourselves in an AI-First world No matter how many articles we read about AI, it can still feel like we’re on the outside looking into a foggy room. It’s not always easy to see past some of the hysteria of a robot takeover, or imagine the impact of a technology that’s only […]

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Announcing first AI Forum: Element AI and C2 join forces

From automation to new biomedical discoveries, AI is already impacting the global economy. Adoption of this new mindset and technology is increasing exponentially, raising many questions and challenges in an AI-First world. That’s why we’re very proud to announce the first edition of artificial intelligence summit AI Forum, conceived in partnership with the world’s largest applied AI research […]

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The AI Forum 2018: Taking the next bold step

If the future is AI, then the future is now. From identifying trends to automation to medical advances, AI is already impacting the way we do business. Adoption of this new mindset and technology is not only occurring rapidly, it’s a necessity in today’s economy, and raises many questions about what it means to be […]

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