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Welcome to the three-day immersive event that will transform the way you do business.

C2 brings together Commerce and Creativity to explore trends, opportunities, disruptions and major shifts on the horizon. Every year, this is where more than 6,500 decision makers and creative minds unite to collectively shape, experience, and challenge the future of business.

Editor’s pick

Cities of the future: Kids play in the streets of Mexico City

Gamifying the city – a win for cities of the future

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How to influence people, one nudge at a time

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Simon De Baene

10 ways to make people whistle while they work

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A podcast with punch! Georges St-Pierre kicks off the new C2 Podcast

Want to know the real reasons behind world-champion fighter Georges St-Pierre’ ...

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Chief concierge Simon Bajouk

Meet Simon Bajouk, Chief Concierge at C2

One day, at around the same time a friendly gentleman with a clear fondness for ...

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