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What attendees say about our event

I met people who turned into clients that I would have never met in a million years. It was the first time in my life that I took part in a networking experience that was actually effective.

Overall, I love the C2 Connect process. It’s brilliant. I go to 10 conferences a year and I miss half of the meetings. I had 20 networking meetings at C2 and I didn’t miss one. The entire thing was beautiful. It’s unbelievable and genuinely rock and roll. By far the strongest part of C2. 

I came to open my mind to different points of view, different subjects.The format is so effective because in life, there’s a 1 in 1000 chance that you would bump into someone and be able to have a meaningful conversation.

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  • Address real-world business challenges at workshops hosted by field-leading experts
  • Get full access to an all-new digital event platform featuring augmented functionality and interactivity
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  • Watch conferences you missed or want to see again using video on demand (VOD)

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