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Quotes by previous winners below…

LP Maurice, CEO & co-founder, Busbud

« Before C2MTL…I was leading a young travel startup of 5 employees looking to reinvent the intercity bus travel industry. Today, our team at Busbud has grown to 20 people, we’ve raised $1,5M of venture funding and we’re expanding internationally fast. We were selected as one of the Top 20 most innovative companies in Canada. I was recently named a 2014 NYC Venture Fellow, where I will join an extremely accomplished group of 30 of the best young entrepreneurs in America – and we are planning to open an office in NYC in 2014. Our team has recently participated in trade missions to Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and the UK. Most importantly, we’ve already helped make bus travel easier for millions of travellers around the world! »


Florence Petit-Gagnon, Cofondatrice, Planiclik

« Durant C2MTL… j’ai eu la chance de souper et de discuter avec Sir Richard Branson.  Je  lui ai “pitché” ce qu’était Planiclik et il a pris ma carte d’affaires en me disant: “Wow, smart idea!” »


Félix Marzell, Cofondateur, DIX au carré

« Après C2MTL… Nous avons prouvé aux concepteurs et compagnies de Montréal que nous étions dignes de confiance. La communauté d’affaires a décerné le prix Montréal inc à DIX au carré. Notre jeune entreprise a coopéré avec Moment Factory dans les célébrations autour du Superbowl 2014. Et nous avons eu plusieurs autres projets tout aussi divertissants qui rendent nos journées tout simplement idylliques. »


Hicham Ratnani, COO/CFO & Co-founder, Frank & Oak

« C2MTL was especially important to us because it was the first time our brand was recognized at an official event, and it was great to have a conference here in Montreal that shared our values and interests. I remember Francis Ford Coppola [at C2MTL 2012] speaking about the importance of staying true to your passions even as success comes your way, and his message really rang true to me. »  


Ilana Ben-Ari, Founder & Lead Designer, Twenty One Toys

« C2MTL was an electric experience with high energy, immersive environments, and of course amazing speakers and attendees. We had the opportunity to pitch to Robert Safian, the editor and managing director of Fast Company, and he remembered my pitch! The biggest highlight was being on the speakers panel on the last day – discussing how toys, design and empathy play into innovative team building and creation. I even got to sit next to famous astronaut Julie Payette!  Today – in our first year – our Empathy Toys are in over 50 schools in Ontario, Quebec and across Canada used by K-12 educators to teach teamwork, leadership, design thinking, language & literacy as well as spec ed and anti-bullying initiatives. Recently, we successfully raised over $52,000 through a Kickstarter Campaign to get 1000 of our Empathy Toys made and our toys will now be delivered to schools around the world. We’re creating real impact in classrooms and after meeting Robert Safian over a year ago, we were finally featured in Fast Company! »


Renaud Teasdale, Cofondateur et PDG, MyCustomizer

« Durant C2MTL… nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer plusieurs clients potentiels et partenaires stratégiques. »


Michael Lenczner, CEO, Ajah

« During C2MTL…I recognized the value of speaking with others about our company and about the innovative ways we’re using “big data” to solve problems in the non-profit sector.  Today, I’m in Washington speaking to people from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Bank.  C2MTL and the recognition from the Bronfman Foundation were an important step in making that happen. »


Jonathan Brun, Fondateur, Nimonik

« Avant C2MTL… j’étais un entrepreneur avec des ambitions régionales. Aujourd’hui, je vise plus haut! »


François Bergeron, Tactus Scientific

« J’ai compris qu’un réseau de plusieurs entreprises, citoyens, et chercheurs, est beaucoup plus efficace pour innover…et j’ai lancé Sensorica, un réseau d’innovation ouverte. »


Shawn Manning, Owner, Urban Seedling

« C2MTL introduced us to many important movers and shakers in the business world we wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. We also were inspired to think bigger and take our business to the next level. The winter after C2MTL we rented a warehouse, built an industrial greenhouse, and moved the business operations out of our home.  Our 2013 season saw 225 clients and the addition of an Edible Landscaping division, adding fruit trees and berry patches to our Organic Vegetable Garden installations. At our Warehouse/Greenhouse, we are currently developing Montreal’s first Garden Centre dedicated to growing organic fruits and vegetables in the city. This season we will hire a dozen employees, and look forward to another significant jump in our growth. Here’s to Homesteading in the city! »


Annie Champagne, Fondatrice, Lady Kookie biscuiterie

« Avant C2MTL… j’avais des idées folles.  Pendant… j’ai rencontré d’autres fous.  Après… j’ai toujours pleins d’idées folles et je compte bien les réaliser! »


Jeffrey Dungen, Co-founder and CEO, reelyActive

« Today, reelyActive is thinking differently not only about how to market products, but equally how to market a new way of thinking.  Our innovative approach helped us win the title World’s Best Startup at the Startup World global grande finale!  And we’re making an impact in more applications than ever before. »


Mike Lee, President, Fundica.com

« During C2MTL, my eyes opened wide as I met people that made me both dream and realize that I could go far beyond the next level. »



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