Can transparency breed trust?

The Naked Brand on The Future of Marketing.

“There’s always going to be a place for funny, creative, emotionally engaging ads. But what if advertising can be more than just ads? What if delivering better products and services is a form of advertising? What if instead of telling fictional stories, advertising can help companies be more transparent, more socially responsible or just more helpful? What if advertising can help make companies better?” – The Naked Brand

“We used to trust what brands told us. As the years passed – that trust was tested.” – The Naked Brand


“In a transparent world, the consumer is a watchdog, a critic, but also a champion, a collaborator. When a brand truly partners with its customers interesting things can happen.” – Alex Bogusky, Founder of the FearLess Revolution and COMMON.


Feature film via Bloomberg TV.



• What does it mean to be a transparent brand?

• How is social media influencing companies to be more honest?

• Is being a responsible consumer a duty or a choice?

• As a consumer, are you a watchdog, a critic, a champion or a collaborator?

• “26-year old CEO [Tony Hsieh] turned happiness into a business model”. Is this a model all companies should implement?



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“The Reluctant Persuader” by C2MTL Ambassador Scott Burns, Executive Creative Director at Switch,  an independently held, experiential marketing agency located in St. Louis, MO, USA.

 “The Naked Brand And The Future Of Marketing” by Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image.

• “See A Brief Cultural History Of An Auto Giant: The Volkswagen Beetle.” via Fast Company.


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