25 up-and-coming startups attending C2MTL22

The brightest lights of the Quebec startup scene

We’re pleased to be announcing the 25 winners of the 2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest in association with the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal.

First imagined by Claudine and Stephen Bronfman 10 years ago, the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest allows some of the brightest lights in our local startup scene to take in all that C2 Montréal has to offer while also benefiting from a custom programming track designed exclusively for our 25 winners.

The C2 Montréal 2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs!

Without further ado, here are the 25 Emerging Entrepreneur Contest winners:

Acrylic Robotics

Chloë Ryan, Founder and CEO

Acrylic Robotics is an art-tech startup based in Montreal on a mission to make fine art and creativity more accessible to the general public using robotics and artificial intelligence to allow creators to produce painted works of art at scale.


Mario Genest, CEO

AYE3D, offers FRE3DOM, a glasses-free 3D monitor with unparalleled
fidelity and visualization quality, enabling greater user engagement and efficiency to design, analyze and make decisions based on 3D data.


Lauren Rochat, Founder and General Director,

BocoBoco is the first online grocery store based on the circular economy. Its mission is to simplify and promote a zero-waste lifestyle. With each order, they take back the jars upon delivery. BocoBoco: full jars against empty jars.

Bromont Campervan

Olivier Marcoux, Founder,

Bromont Campervan is an RV rental company. Based in Bromont, in the beautiful Eastern Townships, the company offers an all-inclusive RV rental service 12 months a year.

Collogh Cares

Collins Oghor, Co-Founder and CEO

Collogh Cares Inc. is a digital health technology and advocacy startup that is committed to preventing kidney failure, one family at a time.

Constellations House

François Turgeon, Founder and CEO

Constellations Ecopods is a startup dedicated to manufacturing small, ecological, prefabricated and innovative spaces for a unique experience of accommodation in nature.


Jon Yu, Founder and CEO

ELYSIUM is an intuitive, no-code creation toolkit and platform that allows EVERYONE to collaborate, create, and share interactive hybrid experiences through augmented reality worlds. ELYSIUM is a new paradigm for democratized creation in AR that allows you to play, experiment and innovate.


Mohamed Derdour, President

EntomoNutris Inc. exploits the natural role of insects on an industrial scale. They adopt a circular economy strategy by recovering organic waste to produce insect meal rich in protein for animal feed, poultry, aquaculture and for organic agriculture.

Flaura, cuir végétal, inc.

Fannie Laroche, Co-Founder

Flaura turns apples into leather. Their mission: to produce eco-designed vegetable leathers from apple by-products and from the food industry in general.

Héralys Talents & Immigrants

Fatouma Fofana, Founder and President

Heralys is an innovative company specialized in developing solutions for better implementation of diversity in companies across Canada.

Hilo Smart Mirror

Zack Elorfi, Founder

Hilo Smart Mirror specializes in the manufacture of personalized interactive mirrors and the development of augmented reality software to test products in store without wearing them.

Humania Services

Imane El Mahi, Founder

Humania Services offers home care services for seniors who are losing their autonomy and who wish to live in their own home, with their families, for as long as possible.


Lynn Doughane, CEO

Juno develops a compact, portable device that treats menstrual pain instantly and over long periods of time.

Kat Innovation

Marcel Maroist, Founder and President

Kat Innovation is developing a non-invasive medical device for patients with severe chronic kidney disease who suffer osteoporosis hip fractures. The OSTAAT device stimulates bone formation in the hips to accelerate fracture healing, allowing patients to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.


Benoit Gendron, Founder and President

LatenceTech provides a solution for analyzing, monitoring and predicting the quality of service of 5G cellular networks. Using SaaS and AI, their solution helps mobile operators, telecom OEMs and leading industries track, predict and secure the new benefits of 5G cellular technology.


Simon Lessard, CEO

LithologIQ deploys digital tools that enable the mining industry to increase mineralogical knowledge quickly, accurately and economically. Their cutting-edge technology supports mining companies in their day-to-day decision making with significant impact on economic, operational and environmental risks.

Move Mate

Lucas Francioli, General Director

MoveMate is a B2B2C marketplace platform for large item delivery and moving. We embed our software directly with businesses who have touch points across the moving life cycle and match them with large networks of local drivers and movers.

Norda Run

Nick Martire, Co-Founder

Norda Run, Inc. is a footwear and apparel company inspired by Canada’s toughest conditions, and is committed to craftsmanship in creating the highest performance products while leaving the lightest footprint possible.


Mehdi El Hassani, Co-Founder and CEO

OptDose is a precision pharmacotherapy software that helps physicians and pharmacists by providing personalized dosing recommendations to improve patient outcomes.


Simon Diallo-Blais, CEO

OuiNut makes food allergy desensitization safe and simple by offering the first range of safe, incrementally dosed foods available without a prescription.

Panier Québécois

Jean-Baptiste Paganon, Co-Founder

Panier Québécois provides citizens with easy and quick access to products from local shops and farmers’ markets in a responsible manner thanks to its online market and decarbonized delivery service.

Rynd Biotech

Camille Dodd, Founder and CEO

Rynd Biotech is building an automated diagnostics device for sexually transmitted infections. Imagine using a single drop of urine and receiving your results instantly without having to wait for lab-based STI testing.

Solid State of Mind

Maxime Julien, Founder and CEO

Solid State of Mind builds artificial intelligence that can thrive in real-world environments. They deliver few-shot learning and meaningful generalization at low power.


Sydney Wingender, CEO

Tedy is an all-digital benefits platform that allows employers to enhance their employer brand by allocating funds to employee wellness. Employees have the freedom and flexibility to spend on what makes them feel good, whether it’s a yoga class or a weekend at the cottage!

Vope Medical

Salam Bouhabel, COO

Vope Medical has developed an AI-driven software to optimize the cleaning process for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).

Please join us in congratulating all of our winners! And a final note to investors, partners and participants: don’t be shy about reaching out to our 2022 Emerging Entrepreneurs on C2Agora or in person at the C2 Montréal site at Nouveau Centre, September 26-28. We know they’ll be delighted to fill you in on their endeavours!

The full low-down on what our winners get

Winners will score tickets to the most anticipated business event of the year. Featuring invaluable, next-level networking opportunities, a private cocktail in the company of Claudine and Stephen Bronfman and two exclusive workshops tailored to the needs of businesses in the first three years of their life cycle — one of which is hosted by PME Montréal — the Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest sets its winners up for success as they tackle the daily challenges that come with getting a small business off the ground.