Passes will now feature your lovely face

Important changes to the access procedure – Split your 3-day pass
C2 Passes 2016

With an eye towards optimizing your experience at C2 Montréal, this year all participants will receive a new version of their personal pass, part of our new personalized access procedures. The modified pass will feature your photo, so we can actually make sure you’re you, every time you access the site. It’s part of our effort to streamline access and ensure that you, and all pass holders, are fully benefitting from your time at C2.

Now you can make your pass do the splits

Also new is the option to split your full, three-day pass into three separate one-day passes for different people. For example, while you can’t loan your own personal pass to a friend or colleague, you can now get them their own personal pass on the day(s) you won’t be attending. This will allow them access to Hub, which in turn will allow them to register for key activities such as masterclasses, workshops and Brain Dates. And another advantage? Knowing who you’re actually talking to at all times makes networking even more of a pleasure.

Important to note: Splitting a pass requires prior notice. If you’d like to split a pass between participants, you need to express this intention to

To make sure your guests have access to Hub at the same time as other participants – and therefore get their first choice of workshops, masterclasses and Brain Dates – please get in touch by April 20. Split requests will be only granted until May 13, 2016.

Getting your pass will be easy breezy

The new photo-bearing personal passes will be required at all times by everyone who accesses the site. You can pick up your pass when you check in at the entrance to the C2 site (Arsenal) upon your arrival. At this time you’ll present proper identification (driver’s licence, passport etc.), have your photo taken and then, in the most quick and efficient way possible, you’ll be off to the races. If you want to skip this process on arrival, early check-in, starting May 18, is also an option. Locations for early check-in will be announced soon.

Either way, we can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces.