Break the silos. Blur the borders. Open the world

C2 team

We live in a world of unnatural divisions.

In an effort to make sense of the chaos, we seek definition and differentiation. Both consciously and not, we put ourselves in boxes, wear labels and organize ourselves — geographically, socially, politically, economically — in juxtaposition to one another.

Our industries, businesses and teams become siloed; we silo ourselves from other people, processes and ideas. We practice policies of personal and professional self-containment, defining ourselves as this but not that, when in reality we could be both things. Many things.


The theme for C2 Montréal 2020 is Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries, real or imagined, are a human-made preoccupation. And they are limiting by design. At C2, we believe boundaries don’t just keep the outside from creeping in, they keep you from shining out.

Beyond Boundaries is about what it takes to push yourself and your life’s work to another place. It’s about recognizing what barriers have been imposed on your psyche, your business or your politics, and seeking freedom from these restrictions.

It’s about dreaming about what could be and then doing it, with abandon.

At a time when governments talk of erecting walls and protecting their own interests, Beyond Boundaries calls for collaboration between nations, organizations and individuals.

At a time when the complexity of issues facing industry and society feels overwhelming, Beyond Boundaries calls for knowledge-sharing and cross-pollination.

It’s a call to break the silos and blur the borders. It’s a call for openness and inclusivity.

Each year, C2 Montréal chooses a theme to orient our creative business discussions, direct our actions and inspire our participants and partners to act. After exploring ecosystems, fostering transformative collisions and thinking about tomorrow, we will explore our physical and psychological boundaries in 2020.

This is an invitation to question your thinking, go off the beaten path and reflect both individually and collectively about how we might use our imagination to defy limitations.

Free your mind and your business will follow.

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