C2 Online: Immerse yourself in a soulful Sunset Session with KALLITECHNIS and Moment Factory

Presented by the Ville de Montréal
End your day at C2 Online — Montréal 2020 on a high note with Sunset Sessions. A new initiative created specifically for C2 Online, Sunset Sessions are a series of intimate, live-streamed performances from acclaimed Montreal musicians, as well as in-depth discussions with them moderated by prominent music industry figures.

Cultural industries have been hit hard by the ongoing crisis. In keeping with C2’s intent to play an active role in Montreal’s economic recovery, Sunset Sessions celebrate the city’s vibrant music scene while delving into the challenges and workarounds artists face today, and their vision for the future of their industry and their art.


Sunset Sessions: Music for the mind

The second of the two Sunset Sessions taking place at C2 Online features soulful R&B singer KALLITECHNIS, October 26 at 4:45 pm, presented by the Ville de Montréal. (The first Sunset Session on October 20, presented by RBC, featured an outstanding performance by, and conversation with, popular Montreal pop/hip-hop group Random Recipe. You can watch the session on C2’s Facebook page.)

This Sunset Session will feature a collaboration between KALLITECHNIS and globally renowned multimedia experience company Moment Factory. The performance will take place in an immersive and interactive installation in Moment Factory’s studio, and will be streamed live on C2 Online’s digital event platform.

The session will alternate between musical performances and conversations with KALLITECHNIS, Pamela Schneider (Creative Director, Moment Factory), Jeanne Dorelli (Director of Business Development and Marketing Strategies at Zú,

and Co-President of the Commission Montréal Numérique) and Martine St-Victor (Milagro PR Atelier). The discussion will revolve around artistic collaborations and technology in a time of digital transformation, and includes a live Q&A with online participants.

This session offers a unique opportunity for industry leaders to learn how technology and creativity can be leveraged for positive change, all while enjoying an exclusive performance by a beloved Montreal artist.




Stimulate your ears (and what’s in between)

Join us for Sunset Sessions as well as the full programme of thought-provoking and inspiring conferences, workshops and masterclasses at C2 Online — Montréal 2020 (October 19-30).


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