C2 Quickie: Meet the CEO aiming to radically change your learning experience

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Meet the CEO aiming to radically change your learning experience

Social entrepreneur Christine Renaud wants to disrupt the school system.

The founder and CEO of e180 is on the leading edge of the peer-learning movement. Her company, which was named one of the 10 most innovative in Montreal by Fast Company, elevates event schmoozing to a whole other level by orchestrating Braindates: one-on-one or group meetings that connect people interested in swapping knowledge.

These matchmaking services have been a staple at C2 Montréal since 2013. Since the future of learning is peer-oriented, self-directed and should, quite frankly, be fun, this human-centric approach to connecting participants is just one way to take the work out of networking.

“At e180, we believe that an amazing, fruitful business relationship is rooted in a great human relationship, and sharing knowledge with somebody else is a great way to establish that connection,” Christine explains.


Reinventing learning

A Harvard University grad and Knox Fellow, Christine has also been recognized as one of 10 women shaping the future of Quebec. And now that she’s pretty much cracked the code on how to get people to connect and learn, her next big project is an open-source school.

“I promised myself that when I have children, we would start a school that would radically change their learning experience,” she says. “What we want to do is create one that is deeply rooted in life itself, that allows kids to be fully themselves and learn from experience.

“Once we have a great proof of concept, we’ll help thousands of humans reinvent school.”

We sat down with Christine ahead of #C2M19 to find out more about her vision for the future:

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