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When Simon De Baene started his company in 2006, he was still a student and the tech world was very different. With Google and Facebook only in the beginning stages of their ascendant trajectories, all the models he and his partners had at that point were big, impersonal companies. To this natural-born leader, something felt off – he was unhappy. So in 2010, four years into the adventure, they all sat down to rethink the business strategy with something new at its core: happiness.

At C2 Montréal 2017, the GSOFT co-founder and CEO spoke with CBC radio and TV journalist Sonali Karnick about his aspirations to be one of the best employers in Québec (the world?), and now you can hear it in “Working on it,” the first episode of the brand new C2 Podcast.

“It was really about creating a company with the people at the centre of the strategy,” Simon explained. “Not just because it’s how you make money [but] because it’s fun to build that kind of company. It’s not just good for the success of the company, it’s good for people working in the company.”

The key to success: happiness at work

Simon knows how far happy workers can go. “People have opportunities to work wherever they want,” he says. “If you want to gather the right people around your project, you have to create amazing environments that make people want to work with you,” whether or not your office is equipped with a half-pipe skateboard ramp.

To learn more about the happiness-based culture of GSOFT, listen to our new podcast, which you can subscribe to now on iTunes.

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