James Murphy on failure

"I was supposed to be smart and I was supposed to be creative."

Musician, Producer and DJ James Murphy will speak and perform at C2MTL 2014!

James Murphy is the former leader of LCD Soundsystem, co-founder of the Death From Above (DFA Records) label, and co-producer of Arcade Fire‘s Reflektor album.  His circle of friends includes: David Bowie, mentor Ron Howard, Moby, and director Spike Jonze to name a few.

Moby on being “cool”, the music industry, and James Murphy: “There was a huge backlash, which I hated. Because I’d really liked being liked. But over time I stopped caring so much. There are still plenty of people who hate me. I just don’t pay attention. Ignoring them seems the easiest, healthiest option. In the early days of social media, I thought people particularly hated me. But eventually I realised: they hate everybody. Who isn’t hated? James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem. I bet he’s the only person on the planet that no one hates.”

So what does this trend-setting respected artist have to say about failure and creative confidence? Click play and find out.


“I was lazy, but it never felt right when I heard that, when I said it to myself…It wasn’t that I was lazy. I was just really afraid. I was really afraid of failing. All my life, I’d been precocious. And I was like you know, ‘I was supposed to be smart and I was supposed to be creative.’ And I think hearing those things makes you scared that you’re gonna do something stupid or do something uninteresting and no one will see you as smart or creative anymore…” – James Murphy


James Murphy at C2MTL 2014: There’s Murphy’s Law and then there’s James Murphy’s Law: No sunglasses on stage. No rocking out. No psyching up the crowd. This anti-guitar-hero attitude helped make the LCD Soundsystem founder one of the most celebrated creators of the 2000s. Murphy pioneered an indie-punk philosophy with the sound and technique of disco and house.  Catch him on stage twice at C2MTL: delivering his keynote and working his DJ magic.


What is your definition of failure? Do you celebrate your failures?

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Can I boost my confidence if I start celebrating my failures?

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