Meet Marc-Antoine Massicotte, volunteer: The people behind C2

Every year, hundreds of people from many walks of life volunteer behind the scenes at C2 Montréal in a variety of roles. Among the many reasons, they volunteer because they want a change of pace from their day to day, to gain experience, to get free access to the event, and/or to meet some of the most influential figures and thought leaders in the business of creativity.

This week’s profile, Marc-Antoine, volunteers for practically all of the above reasons. A Gatineau-based entrepreneur in the events industry, he started volunteering in 2014 and came back to C2 in 2015 and 2016 as a coordinator on the partnerships team. This year, he’s putting together a delegation of Gatineau/Ottawa participants in coordination with the C2 Montréal sales team.

I spoke to Marc-Antoine this week about his past and future involvement in C2 Montréal.

TH: Please introduce yourself: who are you, what is your background and what do you do when you aren’t a Concierge Extraordinaire?

MM: My name is Marc-Antoine Massicotte and I’m from Gatineau, Québec. I’m lucky enough to create and organize events for a living, and possess my own event production company here in Gatineau/Ottawa. My two passions are events and entrepreneurship, two domains in which I have the opportunity to work day in and day out.

TH: What is it about C2 made you want to become a Concierge Extraordinaire?

MM: Ever since I discovered C2 a few years ago, I knew I absolutely wanted to attend it and participate one day. So after seeing an interview with Jean-François Bouchard on Tout le monde en parle, I asked myself why wait until I could afford it and not try to see it from the inside, instead? It’s exactly what I did. I still remember sending emails to the C2 team asking over and over again when the volunteering applications would open, I was so excited! Everything worked out well and I joined the volunteer team that year, leading a group of another 20 Concierges Extraordinaires during the event.

TH: What does a typical day in the life of a Concierge Extraordinaire look like during C2?

MM: I was a Concierge almost three years ago, so things might have changed since then. That being said, from what I experienced, your typical day will involve a lot of maneuvering to make things happen for your participants. You want to make sure they fulfill their objectives while they’re onsite. If it’s either to meet someone specific or to gather a certain knowledge, you want to ensure they maximize their time at C2. Therefore, we do everything to ensure a great experience for our participants! In my case, I was lucky enough to take care of a full group from the same company, which allowed me to tailor their whole experience and really make a difference in their week. That was the best possible feeling!

TH: What is it that you think makes C2 Montréal a special event?

MM: I think it’s safe to say C2 Montréal is simply on a level of its own here. There’s no such thing anywhere else in Canada! The number of terrific speakers, C2’s forward-thinking themes and its ever-evolving site make it something completely unique. The calibre of the participants is also as high as the speakers, and this leads me to one of the best things about C2, which is the fact everyone is open for business and open to discussing opportunities out there. You can really feel that vibe!

TH: What are the benefits of being a Concierge Extraordinaire?

MM: Being a Concierge Extraordinaire allows you to experience the event from the inside out, to witness the effervescence of a world-class happening and meet awesome people. Not just the amazing human beings in the ranks of the participants, but also the staff and the other volunteers. I personally made very good friends every year during those three days.

TH: Do you have any funny stories to tell about your experience as a CE?

MM: I do have funny stories! I’m not sure I should share them at large on the web though [laughs]. When you spend three days with good people, magic happens and great things are bound to materialize. C2 provides a stage to showcase Montréal’s celebratory side, and let’s just say the closing party is definitely something you want to experience!

TH: For our out-of-town guests, please recommend a few things they need to see and explore in Montréal while they are here.

MM: Being an outsider myself, my knowledge of Montréal is not as deep as some of the other past CEs. My favourite spots in Montréal hotel-wise are the W and Le Germain. You can never go wrong with these ones! Montréal obviously possesses an amazing pool of recognized restaurants and I think every C2 participant should try at least one of these during their say: Le Vin Papillon, Joe Beef, Toqué and Bouillon Bilk. And obviously, if you have extra time to take in Mount Royal, you definitely should!