Up close and personal with speakers in new-format Masterclasses

Keep the conversation going in new-format Masterclasses

Ever wished you could hang out a bit more with a speaker or panelist who truly caught your attention? Ever wondered what other nuggets of inspirational gold they might have to share? That’s precisely what C2 Montréal’s Masterclasses are for.

Interactive meetups designed to bring experts and participants closer, this unique format relies on artistic direction, performances, targeted content and collaborative work to create thought-provoking exchanges that dive deeper into a topic. New this year: Masterclasses will be hosted in the 360 Big Top and the Cabaret in order to welcome (a lot) more participants.

“It’s a totally reimagined format this year,” says Dave Lank, C2’s content researcher for collaborative experiences. “Participants learn by interacting with experts and their groups. We’re not in a ‘sage-on-a-stage’ setting where the audience is passive. Everyone is expected to roll up their sleeves and get to work.”

It’s also definitely safe to assume that there will be some surprises sprinkled here and there

Tackle cybersecurity, design thinking, creativity and more at these Masterclasses

Here’s what’s on deck for C2 Montréal’s seventh edition:

Data in the age of mistrust: This Masterclass will be an opportunity to dive deep in the often uncomfortable themes of cybersecurity and trust. Chelsea Manning will have you second-guess our oft-misplaced trust in digital devices and help you devise ethical frameworks to guide society along the right path in an increasingly connected world.

The Chief Creative Officer’s playbook: What creative gold lies in the grey areas between disciplines? Philippe Meunier, creative agency Sid Lee’s chief creative officer, will share a page from his playbook and show how to tear down the walls between disciplines, collaborate across seemingly unrelated universes and reap the benefits of these creative collisions.

Quick on the draw: Known for his work on animated Disney classics Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and more, artist and animator Dave Zaboski will have you looking at the world from a fresh perspective. Drawing from processes applied at first-class studios like Disney, learn to use art to fuel a collaborative culture, boost creativity in your organization and transform thoughts into things.

Design thinking for change: Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can spark a movement and bring long-lasting change to your workplace, your community or possibly even the world – all it takes is a bit of design thinking. Through this Masterclass led by IDEO U Dean Suzanne Gibbs-Howard, you will learn how to start small and build a coalition of inspired people in order to reach your goals. But more importantly, you’ll gain an understanding that you don’t have to sit at the top to drive real change.

Masterclass cheat sheet

Where: Masterclasses will be hosted in the 360 Big Top (sits 1,300) and the Cabaret (sits 300)
When: Every day between 5 pm and 6:45 pm. A Masterclass usually lasts around 75 minutes.

There are two Masterclasses daily – one in each space. Participants will be able to sign up for one Collaborative Session per day (Masterclass, Workshop or Conversation Market), for a total of three, via klik. Keep your eyes peeled for an email invitation to customize your daily schedule! Remember: it pays to be quick as venues tend to fill up rapidly.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to your ConciergeExtraordinaire.



So you think you’re rational: Why do you make the decisions you make? Chances are there’s much more that comes into play than you even realize. With the latest knowledge about human decision making at his disposal, behavioural scientist Dan Ariely will have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew about human nature and rationale. Open your eyes to what really motivates us (and our customers) and learn how we can use that insight to become better leaders.

Find the Batman to your Bruce Wayne: What do David Bowie, Beyoncé and Fernando Pessoa have in common? They all used alter egos to attain higher creativity. Alexa Clay, U.S. director for the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and author of The Misfit Economy, will make the case for drawing from your dark self to achieve higher creative success and to transform your career, behaviour and thought patterns. Leveraging ideas from performance studies, philosophy and artistic subculture, Clay will show that getting in touch with your shadow self could bridge the gap between who you are and the creative genius you could be.