Roll up your (virtual) sleeves: Problem-solving workshops at C2 Online

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Roll up your (virtual) sleeves: Problem-solving workshops at C2 Online
Workshops are always one of the most popular parts of the C2 experience, and we’re pleased to offer participants a wide range of workshops on our new digital platform as part of C2 Online — Montréal 2020 (October 19-30).

Led by field-leading experts, C2 Online workshops invite you to roll up your sleeves and work with others (from the comfort of your own home) in prototyping sessions that address real-world business challenges, experiment with creative processes and put ideas into practice.

In collaboration with partners, workshops are specifically designed to help you:

  • Stretch your thinking and spark creative impulses
  • Pick up useful problem-solving techniques you can bring back to your team
  • Connect with other C2 participants
  • Lay the groundwork for future business opportunities or partnerships


How workshops, well, work

Workshops are 75 minutes in length and consist of three steps:

  • An introduction of the subject matter by the workshop’s partner expert, and explanation of the objectives.
  • Collaborative breakout sessions with fellow participants in self-moderated groups of up to 10 people.
  • Reconvening to share and discuss the ideas, learnings and solutions generated.

You can sign up for workshops using the C2 Online platform as soon as registration opens.


C2 Online workshops at a glance

The following are among the many workshops being offered during the 10 days of the event (exact times will be available on the C2 Online platform):


Creativity not captivity

Presented by Street Wisdom / David Pearl (October 19)

An immersive session to reboot your creativity with David Pearl, the inventor of the international movement Street Wisdom. These times call for high levels of creativity. But it’s a challenge, especially if you’re feeling deprived of the stimulus that face-to-face contact normally brings. A long-time friend of C2, David has been described as a “maestro of corporate creativity.” His street-based, urban mindfulness “Walkshops” are known in 64 countries. He has repurposed these for the COVID era, and in this session he shares new techniques to get fresh ideas, find new direction and stimulate your imagination — even if you’re unable to leave your home.


Are Quebec technologies at the service of tomorrow’s or post-COVID’s commerce?

Presented by the Gouvernement du Québec (October 19, in French)

The retail industry faces unprecedented challenges, but retail technology startups can support them. But how to apply this synergy to the commerce of tomorrow?


Beyond coping: Change, loss and continuous resilience

SYPartners (October 21)

Resilience is defined as “bouncing back,” “rebounding” or “recovering.” All of these definitions assume a singular adverse event — getting knocked down and then getting back up. In 2020, we should be so lucky! This year, few things we’re dealing with have an end in sight. Join this workshop to understand that what we need now isn’t recovery, but rather finding a new way to be and lead amidst the adversity that is simply the world.


It’s “game on” for the future of work: How gamers can ready us for our new reality

Presented by  and Hub MTL (October 23)

As our workplaces and how we collaborate have quickly jumped from the physical to the virtual, many organizations and their employees are struggling to adapt. But, for those in the gaming world, this is all very familiar territory. In this workshop, professional gamer and esports expert Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey reveals what corporations need to learn from gamers in order to meet the challenges ahead and successfully play in the new world of work.


Outsmart your constraints

Presented by Factry (October 23)

The problem itself isn’t the problem. It’s our relationship to the problem that is problematic. And now is the best time to show creative and visionary leadership. This workshop is meant to help you become aware of your own ability to put forward a spirit of openness (growth mindset) in an uncertain context. Inspired by concrete cases, you will be invited to flex your creative muscles in a co-creation workshop that will push your limits in the face of constraints.


Covid-future experience design: Opening the door to long-term innovation

Presented by Local Projects (October 26)

Public spaces allow us to connect and create meaning together. We are living through a time that puts that at risk. This workshop dives into how organizations can rise in creative new ways to these challenges, without losing their purpose or audience.


Get out of your bubble: Learning from digital creatives to power innovation

Presented by  (October 27)

Getting into the innovative mindset requires shedding what’s familiar and leaping away from your core environment into completely new ones. In this workshop, you’ll discover the innovative potential of engaging with digital entertainment and creative industries to help you rewire old ways of thinking, find solutions, and look at challenges in your own sector through a new lens.


Brands don’t create communities: How the new context of community marketing fuels growth

Presented by Sid Lee (October 29)

Humans have a natural need to belong. Brands that understand this and that are successfully embraced by naturally forming communities (the third marketing revolution) can achieve greater marketing effectiveness. Drawing on Sid Lee’s expertise in nurturing community for brands like The North Face, the Toronto Raptors and TikTok, this workshop is designed for progressive marketers looking to understand the new context for belonging and how to tap into it to power business and organizational success.


Put your ideas into practice!

Take your place in collaborative workshops at C2 Online — Montréal 2020, October 19-30.


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