Tomorrow’s Society & Environment: Creative business solutions to climate change

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Tomorrow’s Society & Environment: Creative business solutions to climate change

The world is on fire.

And as it burns, we cannot look away from the scientific reality of climate change. The next moonshot that matters will be saving our planet before we destroy it… and ourselves.

It’s pretty grim: Corporate America is getting ready to monetize this issue. Statistics on plastic (and microplastics!) are sad and scary. There are way too many heartbreaking images of waste choking Earth’s wildlife and killing our oceans. Since Canada is one of five countries holding the remaining majority of wilderness and we are warming at twice the global rate, this problem feels personal.

It also feels this way since reports of water scarcity, resource exploitation, and raw sewage dumping are the reality for our own city, in other provinces, on Indigenous reserves (where there are currently 59 active, long-term drinking water advisories) and in the States.

Meanwhile, climate scientists estimate there are 60 years of farming left, and that an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius determines whether we take the right course or head towards an ecological disaster. Oh, and then there’s this report (take a deep breath).


Yet, there’s hope

Even though it’s bad right now, brands, businesses, and policymakers are (slowly) taking action: testing reusable packaging, joining forces to end waste, and banning single-use plastics, food packaging, and Styrofoam, as well as instilling zero-waste services at stores.

And, thank goodness, the kids are alright. Young activists around the world and in Montréal are mobilizing. They can also now officially take legal action against institutions of power who do nothing to put a dent in this thing. It’s become widely accepted that only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse.

So, at least public opinion is waking up — and is ready to act.

But business and government leaders now need to be doing more than listening with their time, energy, resources, and talent. So we need to act! And change the structures, economies, and practices of commerce, and figure out what will come after capitalism.

We need to get creative as hell in the face of catastrophe.

At C2M19, we invite environmental leaders, artists, and production wizards to help us take hold of tangible solutions, inspire our attitudes, and shape our actions in order to collectively come to the rescue of our planet…


  • Is it too late? HELL NO. Hear from voices like Mark Tercek (CEO, The Nature Conservancy), leading geoengineering figure David Keith (Harvard University), and 17-year-old environmental activist Jamie Margolin (Founder, Zero Hour) who are all taking climate matters into their own hands.


  • What are the next steps for sustainability? Hear from Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Group Design Sustainability Strategy, BMW Group, who is an ecodesign pioneer setting auto industry standards. Or be inspired by photographer Rena Effendi, who uses visual storytelling to bring life to sustainable commitments in the coffee industry.


  • And the burning question (for everyone, really): What are ways to creatively combat climate change?


  • Are you ready to Pivot? This C2 Lab challenges your assumptions about collaboration with the help of professional dancer Sylvain Lafortune. Learn how a balanced, interconnected body can lead to deeper trust in teams and communities.


  • How can we be in service to circularity…? Discover, in both a keynote and a workshop with Daan Roosegaarde (artist and innovator, Studio Roosegaarde), how social designers are fusing nature and technology to find sustainable solutions to urban issues, and get some insight into the Dutch design approach called ‘Schoonheid.’



  • What can we do to stop cruelty and other evils of the meat industry? Imagine the possibility of a future without animal farming, courtesy of leaders of the movement. Jacy Reese (Sentience Institute) will be in conversation with Isabella Grandic (Innovator, The Knowledge Society).


  • What will you do, personally? Think about that and go meat-free during C2, as a start. No red meat will be served on site.


Sustainability is at the heart of how C2 Montréal operates. We believe an event welcoming 7000+ participants should lead by example and strive to minimize its ecological footprint.

Learn how YOU can be part of our C2M19 sustainability efforts here.


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