Top truthbombs from digital marketing pioneer GaryVee

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At C2 Online — Montréal 2020, Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk opened up about work, the world and what’s important in life. There were way too many great quotes to list here, but the following are some of the hits.



GaryVee on…



“The greatest commercial that Ocean Spray has ever [had] was made by Doggface.”

“Start building an audience, ’cuz there is still not enough content to fill the pipes of consumption.”

“Right now, the biggest companies in the world still don’t spend enough on social media marketing, which means the ads are underpriced in comparison to programmatic, digital, or print, radio or television.”

What can we learn from Twitch? “Iconic pillars of culture can pop up at any time… There will be many things that come along that, right this second, do not exist and become an entertainment, an escapism, a framework that impacts billions.”

“Let’s make the creative industry creative again.”



How do you know when to invest in a business? “Today what I look at is the jockey and the horse… the horse is the business… I am spending a lot more time looking at the jockey.”

“One piece of content can change the course of your life and career.”



“You are not in control.”


The secret to happiness

“Stop something when you are unhappy. I don’t care how well you are winning on Twitter, [if you are unhappy] reassess the relationship with the platform… You have to reverse-engineer what you are about… force yourself to debate how happy you are.”

“F*** the money part… it’s about [loving] the game.”


Owning it

“Accountability is something that the world really doesn’t like to do right now, but it is a liberator.”

“Life is a self-awareness game… It’s more fun to blame than to be accountable. Pointing fingers is a f***-load more exciting for people than pointing thumbs [at yourself]… And the more you point thumbs and take on accountability, and do self-reflection, and self-awareness, and then deploy self-love… then you can get to a place. The blame game is a depressing game.”

“You want somebody to be held accountable? Start with your f***ing self first.”

“You are way better off not saying something [than] saying something and being half-pregnant or being fake.”

“Whether it’s bad snacks in the cafeteria or not enough Black leaders, 100% of this on me… It starts with accountability and it starts with action.”


The final word

“Creative and media together to create insights is the missing element for so many of you. Please, my incredible art people, don’t demonize math and analytics. Please, my incredibly smart math people, stop making fun of creative. Without the harmony of the two, and without the humility of listening to the end consumer to help you ideate, you will become a dinosaur.”


Watch GaryVee in action at C2 Online — Montréal 2020

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