Wrapping up 2017: Women mean business

Laura Beeston, C2 Podcast Host

When we set out to write this episode, we initially intended to do a wrap-up of business trends in 2017. But much like 2017 itself, things didn’t go exactly as planned…

The more we looked at this year and started examining the news that made reverberations across the world, it became apparent that this should be an episode about women.

Women took up a lot of space all year — and rightly so: from the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches around the world, to the more recent #metoo movement, to first-ever female mayors elected to run major cities, to trans women taking previously unthinkable top political spots… something is happening.


If one thing from 2017 is clear, it’s this: women mean business.

For the last C2 Podcast of 2017, “Women mean business,” you’ll hear from amazing men and women who have solutions for a business world that is (still) skewed when it comes to gender. From fixing a VC funding model that’s broken, to dismantling the monolithic (read: very white and male) workplace, to different ways of opening your heart and mind to a diversity of opinion, this episode has it covered.

This #C2Podcast features…

Prof. Muhammad Yunus, an anti-poverty crusader and founder of the Grameen Bank, which offers business loans to impoverished women in Bangladesh.
Angela Tran Kingyens, an investor and principal at Version One ventures, in conversation with social entrepreneur Mark Brandabout the so-called “pipeline problem” in VC funding.
Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the founder of Joyus and TheBoardlist, blows up biased thinking in tech (and beyond) while also connecting companies with qualified female board members.
Lauren Wesley Wilson, the founder and president of ColorComm, joins us to discuss the benefits of diversity and its correlation to improved company performance.
And finally, content producer Tamy Emma Pepin helps Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman see the light when it comes to interviewing women.

Packed with facts, stats and considerations (sources from the episode are listed below) to make 2018 your most “woke” year yet, this episode is not to be missed. Check it out on iTunes and subscribe today. 

Happy listening,

Laura Beeston, C2 Podcast Host

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