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Speaker David Jones

David Jones

Publications Manager, John Deere

Venerable John Deere publication The Furrow has been called the agricultural version of Rolling Stone, which would make leader David Jones roughly equivalent to its Jann Wenner. Or rather, its 14th Jann Wenner. At 123 years old, The Furrow is one of the most beloved brand magazines of all time, and Publications Manager David Jones has been entrusted to protect the legacy of this content marketing trailblazer. For the past six years, David has been putting great content and compelling human storytelling at the heart of the John Deere brand, managing the development, production and distribution of The Furrow and sister magazine Homestead. First printed in 1895, The Furrow is currently read on six continents in more than 30 languages, and is circulated to millions of customers. David’s experience in editorial, communications, advertising and public relations serving a wide range of agricultural clients spans 25 years, and informs his unique ability to pull the best and most from the creative process, whether directing individuals or teams. This ability to think outside the barn was recently seen in John Deere’s five-part online video series The Crooked Road, which, along with companion magazine articles, documents Virginia’s unique musical heritage. “…What was particularly interesting to us was this music’s connection to land and to place,” said David. “We wanted to explore the idea this music could only have been born in this place, and that’s the crux of the entire series.”