Elana Gorbatyuk

Chief Strategy Officer and Partner, Sid Lee

Elana Gorbatyuk is Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at Sid Lee where she works with teams across the network to create meaningful and valuable experiences. She began her career in management consulting, ran a branding and digital agency, and headed up strategy for a number of international agencies.

Elana’s work over the last 19-plus years is focused on unlocking insights and leverage points that create unique moments of truth and experiences for brands across virtually every category. These experiences are anchored in every discipline spanning retail, architecture, product development, digital, branded content, branding and advertising. She develops and teaches a particular kind of strategy that creatively blends cultural anthropology with business and innovation strategy to solve business problems. In her spare time, Elana steers boards of startups, and volunteers on boards, that have a human rights and higher education focus.

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