Prof. Yoshua Bengio
  • Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms
  • Canadian Institute For Advanced Research program co-director on Learning in Machines and Brains
  • Over 40,000 citations of his research (Google Scholar, 2016)
Deep learning luminary
C2 Theme:
A pioneer and leading figure of deep learning, Canadian AI researcher Prof. Yoshua Bengio wants to make machines into scientists capable of causal reasoning and autonomous learning. A freedom-loving educator at heart, the University of Montréal professor recently launched startup incubator Element AI. He’s a big reason why Montréal has the highest concentration of artificial intelligence researchers in the world. He plans to develop that community into an “AI ecosystem” connecting “AI-First” solutions with commercial interests. The author of two books and over 200 publications, Yoshua’s also the Scientific Director of academic hub IVADO, an editor at top journals in machine learning and neural networks, and a visionary rethinking AI’s role in democratic systems.
“The thing I’m more worried about, in a foreseeable future, is... misuse of AI. […] Society needs to get together and come up with a collective response, and not leave it to the law of the jungle to sort things out.”
MIT Technology Review