Shagun Maheshwari

Shagun Maheshwari, Speaker at C2 Montréal 2019
Machine Learning Developer, Innovator at  The Knowledge Society

In 2018, Shagun worked as a Tech & Ops intern at RBC where she helped develop technological tools and platforms that would more efficiently automate tasks throughout the bank.

The AI activator

Shagun Maheshwari is a 16-year-old machine learning developer passionate about leveraging artificial intelligence for use in a multitude of applications. She recently spoke at BETT, a British education and technology conference, about how her innovative use of AI helped her to calculate the probability of a person being diagnosed with cancer as well as improved cancer detection through the use of human genome data. Shagun’s use of AI isn’t limited to the medical field, as it has also helped her create artificial neural networks that can accurately predict churn rates at financial institutions as well as develop AI models that improve object detection in computer vision systems. She has recently delved deeper into the field of computational biology as she hopes to leverage her programming and AI knowledge to make waves in that space.

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