Stephanie Dinkins

Stephanie Dinkins, Speaker C2 Montréal 2019

In her project “Conversations with Bina48,” Stephanie discusses family, racism, faith, robot civil rights and more with Bina48 — a humanoid robot billed as capable of independent thought — in the hopes of answering the question “Can an artist and a social robot build a relationship over time?”

The AI equalizer

Transdisciplinary artist Stephanie Dinkins fosters deep dialogue about artificial intelligence as it intersects race, gender, aging and our future histories — specifically, digital discrimination and the way culture is codified in technology. Her art employs lens-based practices, the manipulation of space, and technology in order to grapple with notions of consciousness, agency, perception and social equity. She also works with minority communities to develop AI literacy and help create more equitable, culturally inclusive AI.

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