Who attends and why


The talk

“The best conference of 2018” – BizBash

“A conference unlike any other.” –Harvard Business Review

“Hugely Inspiring and Entertaining” – Sir Richard Branson

“The Davos of Creativity” – Le Nouvel Observateur

“Challenging Conventions” – The Economist

“One company out of four made a deal at C2 in 2018” – PwC report

At C2 Montréal, the unexpected ranges from:

- Gaining perspective on future trends and identifying your organization’s blind spots.
- Joining an international community of innovators.
- Exploring novel ideas and insights from a broad variety of industries and disciplines.
- Meeting your next business partners, mentors, and competitors.
- Bringing back hands-on methods for finding creative solutions to business problems.
- Helping your business discover – or become – the next big thing.

Why come as a group?

Attending C2 Montréal as a group has clear benefits, not the least of which is being able to profit fully from the expansive multitrack experience as it applies to your business. It’s overwhelming at times, we get that. But it’s about getting inspired. Making new business partnerships. Expanding your networking reach. Exploring new creative processes. And celebrating the incredible wealth of creative genius on hand. All of which is not an easy thing to do by yourself. So put more boots on the ground – bring your own army.